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high-quality Speed paste always (70%+)

its paste so there will be a weight loss

the quality and purity is very high

Low prices since were new to the site and very close to the lab

not the stuff you find on the streets


Amphetamine street name:

  • Bennie or Bennies
  • Amped or Ampes
  • Benz or Benzies
  • Cartwheels
  • Blue Mollies or Black Mollies
  • Speed
  • Jelly Beans or Super Jellies
  • Hearts
  • Uppers
  • Pick me ups or Wake me ups
  • Wake ups
  • Get ups
  • Boot ups
  • Sparkles
  • Dexies or Dexy
  • Footballs
  • Eye poppers or Eye openers
  • Lid Poppers or Lid openers
  • Oranges
  • Fast lightening or lightening

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